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Providing Concierge Medicine to Daytona & Ormond Beach

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Concierge Medicine Now Available

Javier Farach M.D. is now offering “Concierge Medicine,” providing a more personalized approach to your healthcare.

In traditional healthcare settings, our ability to offer comprehensive care is often limited by what is covered by your healthcare plan and the time we can spend one-on-one. By adopting a concierge model, we can provide deeper, more personalized care, from wellness evaluations to customized treatment plans.

What This Means for You
With our concierge medicine services, we focus on prevention and early diagnosis in a relaxed and unhurried environment. A flat membership fee now grants you access to these advanced services and additional benefits, ensuring you receive the best possible care tailored to your needs.

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Javier Farach M.D. at his desk

More Than Medicine: A Partnership in Wellness

Our approach to healthcare is comprehensive, focusing on both prevention and treatment. The primary goal is not to manage illnesses but to prevent them altogether. This is a shared mission, requiring both our medical expertise and your active participation in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

In our practice, we go beyond the limitations of traditional healthcare and insurance constraints. Your new advanced wellness evaluations are covered by a membership fee and include advanced screening and testing of risk factors detailed on our benefits page. This allows us to offer you a truly personalized wellness plan that sets you on a path to long-term health.